Bad Credit Cash Loans

First Choice Finance - one of the quickest bad credit cash loan solutions on the market

Suffering from a bad credit rating but in need of cash? First Choice Finance may be able to help you out! Just fill out our online application form with all of your specific details – first and last name, contact information and a few other relevant details.

We offer quick and easy cash loans, which you are still eligible to apply for even with bad credit.

We understand how we can all face some troubling times in our lives which can cause longer term issues. Most of the time, we just need a small leverage to get us back on our feet. That is why First Choice Finance extends our services to those that many other lenders often don’t consider. If you have bad credit but need a little assistance, we are here to help

We Offer Quick Financial Solutions

If you are looking for fast bad credit personal loans, First Choice Finance should be your first choice when looking to apply for finance.

We believe that time is a valuable resource, so we handle transactions in a fast and timely manner. Our application process is very straightforward, and if approved you will be able to get the money you need in a flash.

If you have everything ready, you’ll generally be able to receive your loan proceeds on the same day of your application.

True enough, First Choice Finance is a name to keep for your financial needs when you require some funds in a hurry. 

Easy Requirements Cash Loan

First Choice Finance’s cash loan products can be obtained with less requirements than most mainstream finance companies. After filling out our easy-to-accomplish application form, we simply require you to follow three simple steps:

1.    Proof of identification

Tell us more about yourself. Provide us with details about who you are so that we can confirm your identity and know more about your circumstances. Submit documentary proof of your identity such as your birth certificate, your passport or your driver’s license. Contact will then be made to enable us to customize our products for your specific needs.

2.    Proof of address

We would also need to verify your home address. You will be required to provide us with a household bill that has your name and the address on it and which will confirm the address that you have provided on the application form. This is an important step, allowing us to know where we will be able to send any communications.

3.    Proof of financial capability

Finally, we will need some proof of your ability to service the loan without any problems. While we generally open our doors to those that have faced challenges in the past, we would also need to ensure that we can come up with the best offer for you within your financial capability. This will also help prevent you from borrowing more than what you can comfortably afford to pay back.

We genuinely want to help people out, so help us in providing you with the best offer that we can give to you based on your serviceability level.

Please submit your latest pay slips and the last 90 days of your bank statements for review and we will then get back to you as soon as possible with a response.

After submitting these three easy requirements, then we can work quickly to provide the outcome on the loan that you need.

Use Your Personal Assets as Collateral

We also provide the option of secured loans for amounts above $2,000. Generally, the collateral used on these loans is a motor vehicle registered in your name with no current encumbrances on it.

Providing security means we can ensure that we can continue to provide financial help to those in need who are looking at amounts above $2,000 and up to $5,000.

So, if you need a quick cash loan despite having a bad credit rating It can sometimes be worthwhile using the collateral of your motor vehicle to strengthen your loan application.

Without collateral to secure the loan, applications generally need to be below $2,000 with our company. Whichever loan size you apply for, they will all be subject to our thorough assessment process to help confirm the affordability of the loan.

We understand that one’s credit rating doesn’t always tell the whole picture, so we’re giving those with bad credit another chance to get the money they need by leveraging off their strong income, recent reliability and collateral as security 

Why Get a Cash Loan from First Choice Finance?

We all come to situations in life where we need some quick money and we may not always have the savings available and ready for use. There’s a lot of reasons for us to need a quick buck, such as a vacation, a medical procedure, home improvement, or taking a step closer to the realisation of a personal goal.

Sometimes, a bad credit history, often because of bad financial habits when we were younger, can often hinder us from getting the assistance we need.

With First Choice Finance’s bad credit loans, you may finally be eligible for some financial assistance despite your mistakes from the past. We believe that sometimes people deserve a second chance, so we have opened our doors to try and help those people out who need a financial boost to get back on their feet.

The best thing about First Choice Finance’s bad credit loans is that it is very quick and easy to apply for. You’ll undergo a fast loan application process that requires only three simple steps, and one that you can even strengthen by adding security to the loan in the form of a motor vehicle.

What’s more is that our interest rates are very reasonable, and they are fixed for the entire loan term.

So, if you have a poor credit rating and require a loan, why not apply with First Choice Finance, and you may be able to get the loan you need in the easiest and fastest way possible.