Need cash and need it now? Get an Emergency Cash loan!

“Curveballs”, “out of the blue”, “the unexpected”,  “need it now”,  “didn’t see that one coming”…life is peppered with these pothole moments.  In fact, some say the one thing you can be sure of in life is to expect the unexpected!

An emergency loan is a great way to get the cash you need - when you need it.  There are many reasons why people might need an emergency cash loan. Some of them can be exciting, like a super cheap deal on some flights or even your favourite concert tickets.  You may find yourself facing a more unfortunate situation and need an emergency loan to get you through.  

At First Choice Finance, we understand that life is full of surprises and not all of them good ones!  Medical bills, job loss, home repairs, car problems, emergency pet care or perhaps a bigger than expected bill appears in the mail, all of these situations can be stressful and seem disastrous when you have a shortfall of cash.   Whatever the reason, it can happen to anyone and an emergency cash loan can help bridge the gap.  Whatever the reason you need cash in a hurry, at First Choice Finance we specialise in fast loans for amounts between $300 and $5000 and have made our process fast, simple and convenient.

Take the stress out of the unexpected

At First Choice Finance, our emergency loans are designed to offer funds specifically for those urgent situations and we understand that you require some fast action.The First Choice Finance online cash loan application means that our emergency cash loans can be processed and, if approved, have the money in your account often on the same day.  That’s a relief!

In just 3 simple steps, you can be on your way to easing that financial pressure.

  1. Quick and easy online application takes just minutes to complete
  2. Contact within 30 minutes to guide you through the next steps and request some documentation
  3. Your application is reviewed and if your loan application is successful, the funds can be transferred the same day!

Our helpful team of loan specialists will be there to discuss a repayment option that works for you.   We'll work with you to ensure you're able to meet the repayments on your personal loan. Usually, we'll match up your repayments with your pay cycle to make it easier for you.  The great news is, a loan with First Choice Finance has no hidden fees and you won’t be charged for any early repayments so you can pay it off even quicker if you choose.

It’s easy to apply now

We understand that things can spring up on you that you’re not prepared for financially.  With an emergency cash loan from First Choice Finance, you can take care of any unexpected expenses quickly and easily.  With our simple online process, you can apply in just minutes and a friendly loan specialist will be in contact.  Take the stress out of whatever situation you’re in and apply now.