Short on cash? How about a short term loan?

Do you need quick cash funds but could do without the hassle and stress of signing up for a long-term commitment?  First Choice Finance can help you with fast cash needs.  A short term cash loan puts you back in control of your situation - quickly and fuss-free.  A short term loan is great when you need a quick cash injection.  At First Choice Finance, we can provide a short term cash loan that can help your short term money needs.  A loan from First Choice Finance is quick and easy!

Your first choice loan solution

Managing your finances can sometimes feel like juggling more than a few balls at once!  Car repairs, emergency medical bills, unexpected flights or just a weekend away…whatever the reason, we understand that there’s times you just need a little extra cash to see you through.  That’s where a short term loan can come in handy.

A “short-term loan” is designed to meet your short-term money needs and be paid back quickly or in a shorter period of time.  At First Choice Finance, there are no hidden fees and you won’t be penalised for paying it off even quicker if you choose to.  If it’s a small personal loan you need and you need it in a hurry, First Choice Finance is the place for you.

3 simple steps is all it takes

Whatever the reason you need cash in a hurry, at First Choice Finance we specialise in fast personal loans for amounts between $300 and $5000 NZD.  Our simple online application form takes just moments to complete, and within just 30 minutes you will receive a no-obligation call from one of our friendly loan specialists to discuss your personal loan options.   A short-term loan from First Choice Finance can help take the stress out of the situation you’re facing and we’ll discuss a repayment option that works for you.  The great news is that fast cash loans can be processed, and if approved, have the money in your account often on the same day.

Our streamlined application process makes it fast and easy.  A short-term loan from First Choice Finance can be arranged in 3 simple steps.  Here’s a basic outline of how it works:

  1. Application - our easy online form takes just minutes
  2. Approval - we’ll contact you within 30 minutes to request a few documents
  3. Payment - once approved your cash loan is usually paid the same day!

Get the cash you need, when you need it

At First Choice Finance, we specialise in quick cash loans.  If you have an urgent loan requirement, a short-term loan from First Choice Finance is a great, no hassle solution.  Take a few minutes to apply online now and make First Choice Finance your choice for a short term loan.